Office Hours have been discontinued due to lack of interest. Stay tuned for more information, coming soon, about a new project I’m working on.

The below information is left for historical purposes.

Working remotely on open source can make it difficult to connect with people, to get those impromptu mentoring or pair programming sessions that can happen in passing. This is one thing I’ve personally missed about working in an office on a local team. As I get more involved in OpenStack leadership, connecting with people seems more important than ever – so I have implemented an idea to replicate these benefits in a remote, open source context.

I’m going to start holding office hours on my YouTube. Think of this as time I’ve set aside to work with the community. If you have a question, problem, or just want to chat with someone working in the OSS community, drop by and say hello! OpenStack contributors who need code reviews are also welcome to stop by and use this time to get their Ironic patches reviewed by me :).

On those times when I’m working alone, I’ll be doing some of my usual work, while talking through it. Some topics will include:

  • CI troubleshooting
  • Code review
  • Implementing new features in OpenStack or related libraries
  • Writing documentation or blog posts

I’m going to be holding these sessions on the following rough schedule.

  • Every Tuesday 8am-9am PDT (1600-1700 UTC)
  • Every Thursday 3pm-4pm PDT (2300-2400 UTC)

See the calendar below for any exceptions:

See below for recordings of my previous office hours: